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Tourist Programs

The Goal

To give each participant a powerful and meaningful Zionist experience, based on the values of social responsibility, Zionism, and love for the Land and its People. To enable people to understand, up close and personal, the challenges that face those protecting this Holy Land.

Educational Approach

From the professional perspective
we have professional equipment with full logistic support, post-army instructors who specialize in their fields and speak different languages, all in the ideal setting for the various courses offered.

From the educational perspective
each course is built according to its guiding set of values, which are stressed and presented clearly throughout the activity.
In this way, each participant will receive the full package of a meaningful Zionist experience, as well as gaining authentic professional skills to take onward through life.

The Programs Offered

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Adam V'Adama - Working the Land

Program Duration
1.5 – 2 hours
To enable each participant to internalize Zionist Pioneer values, through meaningful physical work.
Each participant will learn the importance of physical Jewish labor, pioneering, and the power of working together. Through this they will also build a strong emotional connection to the Land we all call “Home”.
Guiding Values
Love for the Land, Pioneering, and Ecology
Professional Content
Agricultural work with professional instruction, building terraces, pruning, planting/picking (depending on the season), earthen building, and more.

Number of participants: 12-25 people
Age: 13+

Full Bus: 50 people
Age: 13+

Mutual Responsibility - Krav Maga / Self Defense

Program Duration
2 hours
I.D.F. style Krav Maga training
guided by core values of communal responsibility and awareness, striving for excellence, and self confidence.
Professional Content
Bare handed combat techniques, locating attacker’s pressure points, protection from and overpowering an attacker armed with a knife or bat, and fighting multiple attackers.
*Recommended to combine with the Adam V’Adama program

Number of participants: 12-25 people
Age: 13+

Full Bus: 50 people
Age: 13+

I.D.F. Day

Program Duration: 8 hours
(Divided into 4 different training stations)

I.D.F Style Krav Maga Training

Core values
communal responsibility and awareness, striving for excellence, and self confidence.
Professional Content
Bare handed combat techniques, locating attacker’s pressure points, protection of and overpowering an attacker armed with a knife or bat, and fighting multiple attackers.

Counter - Terrorism Training with rifles / pistols

Core values
purity of arms, mutual responsibility, professionalism, and controlled aggression.
Professional Content
Weapons training fundamentals, simulated combat drills, fighting in pairs, fighting multiple attackers, incorporating weapons into Krav Maga, and selective shooting.

Wilderness Survival

Core values
Endurance, connection and love for the Land.
Professional Content
Tracking, stealth, building shelters, field cooking (includes preparing and eating lunch).

Combat First-Aid + Stretcher Run

Core Values
Camaraderie, mutual responsibility.
Professional Content
Proper use of tourniquets and bandages, priorities when treating someone wounded, simulated drills under pressure. Proper use of a stretcher – from folded to open position with subject on top in combat style drills.

Number of participants: 12-25 people
Age: 14+

Full Bus: 50 people
Age: 14+

Specialty Packages

Possible to choose one of the activities below and to combine it with one of the previously described programs.
Program Duration: Depends on which activity is chosen. Can also be set as per request (ranging from 1.5 hrs to full day)

Outdoor Team / Group Programs

Description: Camouflage, tracking, and stealth
Content Taught: In this session we learn how to use Nature to create tactical and strategic advantages in a variety of situations, and to develop an overall command over any given terrain.
Core Values: Patience, strong connection to the outdoors, self confidence, and endurance.
Nature People:
Description: Building shelters, creating tools for survival and food, ancient skills
Content Taught: In this session we learn how to live harmoniously with Nature. To be completely independent outdoors without any advanced equipment, to create for ourselves a house, furniture and tools in order to ultimately feel “at home” outside.
Core Values: Creativity and improvisation, self confidence, sense of capability, and love for the Land.
Earthy Food:
Description: Collecting and cooking
Content Taught: The cooking session is a great team activity. Together we learn to identify edible plants and how to prepare them properly. To conclude, we will prepare a feast of Nature’s best for the whole group.
Core Values: Friendship and togetherness, patience, connection to and understanding of Nature
Description: Navigation and reading terrain
Content Taught: In this session we learn to read maps and to navigate our environment with or without them. We will understand how to properly plan a hiking trail while realizing the dangers and challenges facing those who spend their days outdoors.
Core Values: Self confidence, responsibility, improvisation, and reading terrain

Combat Programs

Wilderness Survival:
Content Taught: Building shelters, camouflage, and tracking.
Core Values: Self confidence, independence, striving for excellence.
Krav Maga:
Content Taught: Bare handed combat techniques, locating attacker’s pressure points, protection of and overpowering an attacker armed with a knife or bat, fighting multiple attackers, and weapon improvisation.
Core Values: Camaraderie, mutual responsibility, self confidence, always pushing forward towards victory.
Infantry Training:
Content Taught: Conquering of hilltops, including combat drills practicing infantry techniques and strategies.
Core Values: Striving for excellence, understanding your surroundings, reading terrain.
Stretcher Run:
Content Taught: Proper use of a stretcher in different combat situations.
Core Values:  Camaraderie, mutual responsibility, and endurance.
Content Taught: Tactical weapons training, use of weapons against a variety of targets simulating different situations. (Weapons are BB guns).
Core Values: Professionalism, purity of arms, motivation to be protectors and not attackers.
[This activity is priced separately]

Meaningful Activities Regarding Nature, Land and Tradition​

Agriculture Workshop

In the past, the land of Israel was like a blooming garden. From the Tanach we learn of the thick forests that covered vast swaths of the land. We invite you to take part in a most uplifting and significant   Zionist undertaking in the spirit of the pioneers; development of agricultural areas in the land of Israel. 

Our project is based on the core values of farm culture which include; an ecological approach based on the principles of seasonal agriculture. Accordingly, we, the farmers, base our work plans on observation of the surroundings and understanding nature within our ecological system and actually learning from nature itself. Consequently, the farmer can actualize the fullest potential of the land that surrounds him by planting crops that are especially compatible with the environment.


Core Values: Connection to the land, work ethic, tradition, environmental and ecological responsibility.

Activity description: 

Building of stone terraces, preparation of plots intended for planting, weeding, fertilizing, and plowing. We will cultivate the existing plants by pruning and also assembling irrigation systems. 

During the workshop the participants will learn the principles of traditional and ecological agriculture and will acquire useful skills in the field of gardening and nature. 

Another optional activity available is tree planting – the activity requires additional payment for the seedling and its upkeep. We mainly plant trees of original Israeli species. 

tour guide- 750 NIS (a group of up to 50 people).  

Young seedling – 50 NIS

Tree – 100 NIS

Traditional Building Workshop – Masonry and Building with Mud

Teaching points: This is a unique activity that creates a bond between participants and the craftsmen who employed ancient Jewish building practices;
Learning about the composition of the soil in our land and the many uses it can provide for building materials and construction.
For example, how simple soil can provide resources for sturdy construction.
Encourage creative thinking
Provide extraordinary bonding opportunities
Activity description: Participants will have the opportunity to build a bench, an oven, a cooking pit, and other useful facilities for outdoor living. We offer an optional masonry workshop, in which we    teach some of the most ancient professional crafts used by the earliest builders of the land of Israel.
The participants will enjoy a hands-on activity working with hammer and chisel to create their own building stone that will later be utilized within one of the facilities on the farm. These activities   are extremely engaging and enjoyable and allow for expansion of one’s horizons.   

Cost: 750 NIS

Addition for masonry workshop: 15 NIS per person

Communal Archeology Dig Workshop

What is more exciting than unearthing our past by digging with our own hands? We invite you to come and try, and maybe even uncover a   monumental archeological discovery. You can take part in the unveiling of our history and embrace the past and the deeply rooted connection between the land and our people.

Core Values: Jewish heritage, communal solidarity, tradition, environmental responsibility, strong work ethic. 

Activity Description: The digging will be accompanied by an archeologist in one of two locations: the ancient aqueduct in the Eitam Farm that transmitted water to the Temple in Jerusalem, or the Hakhlili Ruin, an ancient Jewish town in Bat Ayin of today. 

Cost: 750 NIS

Military Training in the Field

  • Military Krav Maga Training 

Core Values: Social responsibility, solidarity, striving for excellence, self-confidence, self-restraint.

Activity Description : Hand to hand combat techniques, identifying opponents’ weaknesses, defending oneself and overtaking and neutralizing an attacker armed with knife or club, third party protection.  

Counterterrorism Training With Rifle / Revolver

Core Values: Appropriate use of arms: “Purity of Arms” ( a concept defining the appropriate use of arms according to each situation) solidarity, professionalism,  self-restraint. 

Activity Description:  basics of firearm usage, target shooting simulation, combat in pairs, third party protection, integration of armed combat and Krav Maga, selective combat. 

Fieldcraft Workshop

Core Values: Patience, connection to the land, self-defense, endurance.  

Activity Description: building shelters, camouflage usage, stealth techniques and tracking abilities. 

In this workshop we’ll learn to explore and identify small details in nature that can help give one tacticalsuperiority. The participant will acquire skills to understand and grasp the features of the environment, will learn how to harmonize with the environment, and will experience some of the challenges the Israeli soldier deals with on a daily basis.

Military First Aid Workshop

Core Values: Comradeship, solidarity.

Activity Description : Learning triage techniques such as: use of   bandages and tourniquets to arrest bleeding in main arteries, the correct sequence of handling an injury, wound care such as bandaging, and treatment under pressure, correct use of a stretcher: assembling, carrying, overcoming obstacles, evacuation and practicing retreat.

Navigation and Field Orientation Workshop

Core Values: Self-confidence, self-confidence, camaraderie, responsibility, navigation skills, terrain recognition. 

Activity Description: We will familiarize ourselves with the nature of the terrain, teach map reading skills and navigation with and without a map, teach how to plan a route and how to travel and explore wisely. We will practice use of a compass and coordinates gauge. This is a noteworthy workshop that imbues an and awareness of danger for the traveler and hiker

Field Dining

Gathering and Survival Workshop 

In the past, our ancestors knew how to roam the land with only water, flour and salt. They obtained the rest of the items they might have needed for their meals by “gathering” from the land. We invite you to join us for an original Israeli field dinner, or a shepherd’s meal, as we like to call it- to eat from the bounty of the land and to become strengthened from it. 

In this workshop we’ll go to the field and learn about the indigenous plants that grow in it – what is poisonous, what is salty, and what is edible. We will utilize this knowledge as we practice our “gathering” skills.  We will return to the farm and cook or fry the plants we gathered, make pitas or shepherd’s pastries and brew herbal tea from the herbs of the land.

Cost: 35 NIS per person 

  • Field Cooking Workshop 

Together we’ll make a unique and warming bonfire stew (Poyke) or a colorful, savory Shakshuka, or maybe some pasta with tomato sauce. Along with the cooking we’ll make pitas and brew herbal tea.

Our Vision

About the organization and the Eitam Farm 

The Rujum Organization for Zionist Entrepreneurship was established in  order to strengthen the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, and between man and the soil, with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. The organization works on a number of levels: settlement, tourism, education and community. 

Settlement: We establish and assist with settlement initiatives such as Oz VeGaon Park and the Eitam Farm. The establishment of the Eitam Farm took place immediately after the murder of Ari Fuld H”yd with the encouragement and assistance of the Efrat municipality as the Zionist answer to terrorism. The farm was established during the High Holidays on September 2018 and has hosted crowds of visitors. The vision of the farm is to revive traditional Jewish agriculture.

Tourism: we see the tourism branch as a tool with which we can spread the core values we believe in: a strong work ethic, Jewish tradition, individual responsibility, community work and connection to the land. 

Education: the Eitam Farm receives groups of youth movements and programs from Israel and the Diaspora for educational activities and programs. The visitors have an opportunity to experience field work, acquire new knowledge and skills and develop physically and mentally in order to become as comfortable in the field as they are at home.  

Community: Promotion of community initiatives and projects with emphasis on the connection between the individual to his or her environment and surroundings. Some of the projects are: establishing community gardens, renovation of natural springs and nature sites and participation in memorial events.

Activity Plan

The Goal: To give   participants an opportunity to take part in a true Zionistic experience based on unity, solidarity, Zionist pioneering spirit, love of the Jewish people and their land, and to thoroughly understand the challenges that face the Israeli settler today. 


  • Professionalism: Use of state of the art, professional equipment and utilizing high level logistical methods .Staffed with and multi -lingual military instructors skilled in their profession.
  • Dedicated compound: the Eitam Farm. 
  • Core Values: every activity will be 

organized according to the basic core values outlined for each activity. This is to guarantee that the participants will enjoy an exciting activity which is authentic and professional, and will imprint on their lives in the present and in their long-term future.   

Activity Construct: All activities take two hours and include: an opening talk on a description of the environment, an enjoyable inter-active teaching activity in which the participants will have an opportunity to leave their personal, positive, imprint on the land    while acquiring knowledge and skills which will remain with them for a lifetime. Each activity concludes with a summarizing discussion that will reinforce the goal of the activity to the core values presented and to our Jewish legacy. 

The workshops are held nationwide according to the client’s request   and run by a skilled and experienced team of counselors that aim to give personal attention to each participant. 

*All proceeds donated  are dedicated for the purpose of developing and promoting Zionist causes in Israel and the Diaspora.

The activity we did, in honor of my grandson's bar mitzvah, was superb. I felt that there was real fun professionalism and, more importantly, everyone internalized the powerful values that stood behind the activity.

We worked our Holy Land, as well as planted trees. Beyond what we learned about agriculture, we strengthened our passion for Zionism and communal responsibility. Since coming with my class, I've already been back with my family.
The family I brought planted trees in honor of their grandparent's anniversary. Everyone in the family joined in this meaningful activity. The next time they visit, they will know that they have their own piece in Eretz Yisrael.
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